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The 1st International Conference on:
Artificial Intelligence Research (AIR)
Turning impossibilities into possibilities

10 - 11 December 2024

Mode of Delivery

Online Conference

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The 1st International Conference on:
Business Creativity – Research Conference
Innovate, overcome, succeed: nothing is impossible

11 - 12 December 2024

Mode of Delivery

Online Conference

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The 3rd Edition of:
International Arabian Gulf-Security Conference (IAGSC)
Breaking barriers, making the impossible possible

24 - 25 April 2025

Mode of Delivery

Hybrid Conference


Upcoming Events

December 10, 2024

Online Conference

AUE Conferences:
The Path of Innovation in Science

The American University in Emirates (AUE) is at the forefront of fostering academic discourse and innovative research through its platform of annual conferences. This platform is created for discussing contemporary issues in science and technology, that shape the future of education and research. AUE firmly believes that research is the key to progress, and it is committed to graduating a well-educated generation that will lead communities to the forefront of international prominence. The AUE conferences are a reference to the university's dedication to advancing knowledge and promoting the exchange of ideas in the field of science and innovation. Through these conferences, AUE seeks to provide a collaborative environment for scholars, researchers, and industry professionals to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and explore new frontiers in their respective fields. Through discussions with esteemed keynote speakers and experts in different fields of science with a diverse background, the conferences aim to inspire new innovative ideas and gain interdisciplinary collaboration. In line with its mission to advance research and scholarship, AUE has established partnerships with numerous entities to enhance the impact and reach of its academic initiatives. These collaborations have enabled AUE to create a dynamic platform for knowledge dissemination, where the latest advancements in science and technology can be shared with a global audience. In addition, the university's research office has taken an active approach to ensure that the outcomes of these conferences have a lasting impact by committing to publishing selected papers in Scopus-indexed publications. This strategic initiative not only elevates the visibility and credibility of the research presented at the conferences but also contributes to the broader academic community by making valuable contributions accessible to a wider audience. AUE is therefore committed to showing excellence and innovation through its continuous efforts to take the shortest path to success in the realm of academic research and scholarly pursuits. AUE is not only shaping the future of education and research within its own community but also making significant contributions to the wider global academic landscape. As the AUE conferences continue to develop and expand, they have a greater impact on the advancement of science and technology and always include societies as a whole. The AUE conferences serve as a guide for intellectual exchange and innovation, providing a platform for scholars and researchers to engage in the useful context of knowledge in the field of science. The AUE is happy to invite scholars, researchers, scientists, and decision-makers to cooperate and participate in the AUE conferences.

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A: No, the research is needed in case you are attending as an author, if you are attending as an audience member, then you do not need to submit a research paper.

A: To submit an abstract you need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on Research Submission button , it will redirect you to Sign up page
  2. Sign up by filling the required details
  3. Click Submit an abstract or paper by clicking on "Add New Research Button"
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A: To pay the author’s fees please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Your Account.
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  4. The payment button(s) will be under (Choose your plan) section
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A: The paper has to undergo the revision process first, and after the acceptance, you have to pay the conference and publication fees so we may send you the official and final acceptance letter.

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